“Within the Family”

Joe Paterno was taking a walk in Brooklyn,
when he comes upon a Hasidic Rabbi.
“Hello there!” Joe calls to the Hasid
The Hasid nods and turns away.

Talia and Jacob buy their tickets to the football game
They’ve never been to such an event before!
They bring sunscreen and deodorant because
they don’t know what to expect.

Joe Paterno was lost and reached for his iPhone
but he couldn’t access an Internet signal.
Talia stares at the loud students eating hotdogs around her
She wonders what they’re studying in school.

Joe kept walking until he reached a corner deli
He went inside, realizing he was quite hungry.
“What do you think of this whole soda tax, pretty outrageous huh?” Joe asks.
The Hasid turns away.

Jacob couldn’t follow the game very well.
He noticed protesters near the field with signs: “You Should Be Ashamed!”
“What’s this all about?” Jacob asks a boy sitting next to him.
The student turns away.


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